The Benedictine Monastery of San Pietro Ostuni is certainly the ideal place to regenerate body and soul and rediscover the true meaning of our existence.

From the top of the hill, immersed in the Mediterranean flora, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the characteristic white town of Ostuni, a destination for many tourists.

The part of the monastery dedicated to guests, equipped with all amenities, consists of seven rooms and the Hermitage located about 100 meters from the main building. The rooms in the main location are double or triple rooms and can host up to 18 people.

The Hermitage is a small but charming little villa, equipped with every comfort, consisting of a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is an ideal place for a family stay to rediscover the beauty of nature in silence, which is encouraging to rest and healing, which helps to contemplate the creativity of God.

Each room is equipped with air conditioning and WiFi.

What makes the Monastery of Ostuni unique?

The Benedictine Monastery of San Pietro di Ostuni offers those who wish for it both, tranquility and a close spiritual contact with God, offering prayerful experiences and personal spiritual care. In this way, pilgrims who wish to come here can enjoy the beauty of the place, rest and get the support of “experienced guides”. They can also spend time in contemplation or prayer.